Is there white light blinking on Orbi? Let’s fix it!

Orbi routers are a great option to enjoy lag-free internet in any corner of your home. Though the tiny WiFi devices are working fine most of the time, sometimes users find problems while using them. Among all, the most recent problem that is hampering the internet experience of Orbi users is the Orbi blinking white issue. If you are also facing the same annoying problem on your WiFi device, then here’s how to get the problem fixed.

Reasons Behind Orbi Blinking White Error

There are various reasons that may build your Orbi blinking white. All lights on an Orbi router coveys some message. For example, if your Orbi is showing red light – it means the device is not getting the proper power supply. And if the device is showing a green LED, you can expect seamless internet connectivity.
Now, let’s cause you to recognize why you’re obtaining Orbi blinking white error. If your Orbi router is showing white light it means it is booting.

Yes, you read it right!

You may be getting the Orbi blinking white error either after updating firmware on your device or after resetting the device to default settings.

Whatever the case is, by following the Orbi troubleshooting tips given below, you can easily do away with the problem. Let’s get started!

Fix Orbi Blinking White Error

Can’t you access the internet using your Orbi due to the blinking white issue? Worry not! There is no need to ditch your device (if you’re planning), the problem can be fixed by executing the tested and proven fixes we’re going to list in the post.

Power Cycle Your Orbi Router and Satellite

If even after waiting for several minutes, your Orbi router is not able to complete the boot process and blinking white then consider power cycling the device by unplugging its power adapter from the electric outlet. Once done, plug in the device back to its power socket and turn it on to see if the problem has been fixed.

Change the Power Socket

Perhaps your Orbi is not getting a sufficient power supply. If so, then also your Orbi will take longer to boot properly, resulting in the Orbi blinking white error. In such a situation, you can change the power socket of your Orbi. Possibly, this will make your Orbi up and running and you would be able to surf or stream the web the way you want.

Reboot Your Modem or Access Point

The Orbi blinking white issue can also be fixed by rebooting your modem or access point. Simply remove the cable connected from your modem to the Orbi router along with its power cable. Wait for a minute and let your modem cool down. Now, again power up the device by plugging the power cord back into its power socket and connecting the Ethernet cable from the modem to the Orbi router. Now, check if the Orbi blinking white issue has been fixed for you or not.

If the problem still is making you annoyed and you can’t find a solution to the issue, plan to reset your Orbi WiFi device to factory defaults. Once done, configure the device again by accessing Orbi login and make the most of your WiFi device.

We hope this time you will not experience Orbi blinking white issues. Just in case you need any further assistance to get rid of the issue, feel free to contact our technical experts for instant help.

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