How to update orbi firmware through automatically?

This article will provide you all the required information on how to update Orbi firmware through or You can update the Orbi WiFi system automatically or by manual option. We will provide you step by step instructions on both option.By updating the orbi firmware, you will get all the latest features on your Netgear Orbi router. All you need a computer or laptop to complete the orbi firmware update process.

We always recommend Netgear Orbi users to update firmware whenever it is available on your WiFi router. Some models like RBR50 or RBK 20 check and update the firmware automatically or in some cases, you need to check it manually. New versions of Orbi firmware help to fix bugs, provide latest security and enhance the security features. It is highly advisable to Netgear Orbi users to check and update the firmware on time. Please go through the following notes and tips before starting the update process. This Orbi firmware update task can take 5 to 10 minutes.

Tips and Notes :- 

  1. Use only wired connections to complete Orbi Firmware tasks.
  2. Do not press the reset button in between the process.
  3. All the devices will go offline in between the updates.
  4. Never try to do it manually if you don’t have proper knowledge.
  5. or is the default URL for orbi login page.
  6. Do not press the power button of your Orbi router while updating the firmware.
  7. Once the Orbi firmware update is done, then you will need to connect your wireless devices again on Orbi home network. You can use the same WiFi details.
  8. Smartphones and tablets will not work for this task.
  9. Do not use wireless connection for Orbi firmware tasks.
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Basic steps to complete Orbi Firmware update automatically through

  1. Connect your  computer or any compatible device to the Orbi Home WiFi network.
  2. Launch any web browser on the connected device.
  3. Open or from the browser.
  4. On the login page, enter the router’s username and admin password.
  5. Do not use WiFi password in admin password field.
  6. Now you can see the Orbi dashboard.
  7. Click on Administration option to get Orbi Firmware Update page.
  8. On this Firmware Update page, you will see two options. A.Online update B. Manual Update
  9. In Online update options, you will see the details of your Orbi model and current firmware version of Orbi router and each satellite. Click on the check button to get know information of the latest version of firmware and then click on update all.
  10.  Now please wait for three to four minutes until the Orbi Firmware update is done.
  11. Your router will start rebooting in between the process. Connect your wireless device again once the LED lights on the router get stable.
  12. On the Online Update screen, now you can see the details of the current firmware version.

How To Manually check and update the Orbi Firmware

Important Notes:

  • Do not download the wrong Orbi Firmware update version.
  • Wrong firmware update can damage your Orbi router permanently.
  • Please do not power off or reset your Orbi router in between the process.
  • This Orbi firmware update process may take a few minutes to complete.
  • Visit Netgear Support page to get the right firmware version file.
  • Save new firmware version file only in .img and .chk version.
  • Never download Orbi firmware version from the third -part sites.
  1. Go to the Netgear Download center to get the latest firmware version file.
  2. Download and save it in .img format.
  3. Now go to Manual TAB and you will see details of the satellite’s current  firmware version.
  4. Click on Update and enter the router login details such as router’s username and admin password.
  5. Now you need to click on the Browse button to upload the file of the firmware latest version.
  6. Hit on UPLOAD to start the Orbi firmware update process.
  7. This process may take five minutes to complete and your Orbi router will restart a few times.
  8. Once the Orbi firmware update process is done, please cross check it with the latest version of Orbi firmware by visiting Netgear support page.

Orbi firmware update task is now completed. You can enjoy the Orbi services again with the latest features and security. Now you will get more out of your Orbi WiFi router.

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Common issue while updating the NETGEAR Orbi firmware

  • Not able to login into orbi login page
  • not working
  • Unable to find correct version firmware.
  • Getting a failed message in between the process.
  • Not getting the Orbi dashabord to update the firmware.
  • Devices are not connecting after the Orbi firmware update.
  • Orbi firmware update failed.
  • Orbi login page not working.
  • or not responding.
  • Unable to login with the current admin password.