My Orbi Satellite Won’t turn off Blue Light, What Should I do?

Orbi Outdoor Satellite is a device used to extend Wi-Fi network coverage and signal strength for Netgear’s Orbi Wi-Fi router. Orbi is the latest name in the networking industry because of its high-end routers and signal steaming.

If you are struggling with Orbi satellite’s blue light stay on issue or ‘Orbi satellite won’t turn off blue light’ then you are in the right place. 

In this article we will cover all the important details of this topic. 




There are various lights in the Orbi satellite, every light has different meaning and different colors, these lights indicate different issues of your Orbi. Blue light generally shows that the satellite is not syncing, but the Netgear orbi router should work fine. 

Sometimes when the blue light blinks and turns off, that’s not a problem but when the ‘Orbi satellite won’t turn off blue light’ you have to find the solution. 

Read the tips below to fix this issue.




Sometimes rebooting is the best option to fix the light errors. To reboot the Orbi satellite you need to switch it off by cutting the power connection. you can switch it off by turning off the power button but it would be better if you unplug the power cable. After that wait for 5 minutes till the satellite device is switched on again.

When you follow this step, check if the blue light is still on or off. If not then try another step.



If the blue light won’t turn off, follow this step now. You need to check all the cables that are connected with the Orbi satellite. Also check if they are working fine or not. If there’s any damage to the cable then replacement is the best option. 

If there are visible damages, use the multimeter to check the cables’ continuity. if you find any issue related to the cables just replace the cable and you are done. 



Sometimes users don’t think about the firmware update when they install and set up the Orbi satellite. This can cause issues in performance and functionality. You know firmware updates play a major role to fix this issue because they have bug fixes. 

So first, you need to check the Orbi website then download the firmware update. If the firmware update is available, you must download and install them.

Firmware updates can fix the Orbi’s light issues.



We have covered all the troubleshooting tips to fix the ‘Orbi satellite won’t turn off blue light’ issue. In simple words when you face this issue just check the visible damage like cables and wires if everything is fine then try to reboot and update firmware.

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