Update Orbi Router Firmware?

Cannot Update Orbi Router Firmware? Follow these steps to fix it

Orbi router firmware update

Netgear regularly releases new firmware versions to improve performance and add new features. Whenever a new version available it’s recommended to update its firmware.

How to update Orbi router firmware

  1. Connect your mobile device to your Orbi router’s WiFi network.
  2. Launch the Orbi app.
  3. Enter your router’s admin password and tap SIGN IN.
  4. In the top-left corner, tap the Menu icon.
  5. Select Settings > Router Settings.
  6. Scroll down and tap Check for Updates. If you see Update Firmware instead, your router has new
    firmware available.

Update firmware on Orbi router

Orbi router and satalite are set to update their firmware automatically. But sometimes it fails to auto update their firmware but these issues can be resolved with a little troubleshooting.

These kind of issue occurs because of slow network connection or weak internet connection.

There are some troubleshooting tips that can solve these problems and this article will cover all those tips.

Power cycle your Orbi router and satellite

Follow these steps below

  1. Switch off the power socket in which your device plugged in.
  2. Disconnect all the cables that are connected between the orbi router amd satellite.
  3. Now wait for sometime.
  4. Connection your orbi router and satellite.
  5. And turn on your both device.

Place your Orbi satellite to a safe place

put your orbi satellite to a neat and clean area in your home. But specially you have to place the satellite near
the router.

For example:
If your orbi model number is AC 2200 Than all you have to do is put your satellite near the Orbi CBR40 router.

When you do that it will ensure that your satellite is getting enough wifi signals and it will perform good for
its orbi firmware update process.

Also make sure that your device is placed away from the security alarm, baby monitors, cordless phones,
Bluetooth devices and more.

Check your internet speed

Make sure that your network is not weak and your WiFi has a good speed otherwise your orbi router will
not be able to update its firmware.


These troubleshooting tips will help you fix this problem. But If you are still facing this issue than go for
manually update the firmware of your orbi device.


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