Cannot Access Orbi Login?

Cannot Access Orbi Login? Try these steps to access Orbi Login again

A netgear Orbi System provides a single WiFi network for your entire home. With an Orbi WiFi System, you have one network name and password, and you don’t need to change networks as you move around your home. But to make use of it, first you need to setup the device properly. It’s not a tough task to setup and login but sometimes people face this problem.

So In this article we will cover all the troubleshooting tips that will help you fix orbi login issue.

How to Fix Orbi login:

Follow these steps:

  1. First you have to make sure that your Orbi devices are plugged into an active power source.
  2. Check your Orbi device, If your Orbi devices are powered on, the power LED lights green.
  3. Also make sure that your client device is connected to the Orbi wireless network or to the router’s LAN port.
  4. The default WiFi information is located on the product label of your Orbi router.
  5. Try accessing or using the router’s default IP address or
  6. When you change your router’s default IP address, Don’t forget to enter your new IP address instead of
    the default IP address.
  7. If you’re getting trouble connecting to your Orbi network through a wireless connection, than try to
    connect an Ethernet cable to the Ethernet port on your Orbi router.
  8. Please make sure that your modem is connected to the Internet port on your Orbi router.
  9. It’s possible that and are cached in your browser. Try accessing the links using a
    different browser such as Google Chrome or Firefox.
  10. Try using another wireless device to connect to the Orbi router.

Still having Orbi login issue:

If you are still facing the same issue than the better option for you is ‘Reset’ your device. If you reset your Orbi, it will erase all the settings that you previously made.

Follow these steps to reset your device:

  1. Power up your orbi router by plugging it into a power outlet.
  2. Locate the reset button on it.
  3. Get a access to a Pin-like device.
  4. Insert the pin to the reset hole to press the button.

And it’s done. Now your orbi is reset to the default settings.

After resetting your device, please follow the login steps and reconfigure your device.

And if you want to reset your Orbi satellite, you have to follow the same steps that mentioned above.


We hope these tips will help you fix Orbi login issue. So Whenever you face this kind of issue first check your
wire, cable, internet connection, browser setting and IP address and if nothing works than reset your device to
make it up and running.

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