how to setup and connect orbilogin com with satellite

We have demonstrated the solution to access in the following ways. Read carefully Setup and connect your with Orbi Satellite.
Follow steps to lineup your Orbi router and satellite:
  1. Detach the battery of your Modem or unplug it to show it OFF.
  2. Turn it ON by putting the battery inside to plug it back in.
  3. Take an Ethernet cable and connect your modem to the yellow Internet port with it from your Orbilogin router.
  4. Now activate your Orbilogin router, by connecting its power source.
  5. You have to ensure that the power LED of the Orbi has to be lit, if not press the power On/Off button.
  6. Wait until the Orbilogin router’s ring LED to pulse solid white then pulse white.
  7. Adjust your Orbi satellite, we recommend it within the middle of your house to urge the simplest WiFi coverage.
  8. Now activate your Orbilogin satellite, connect it to an influence source. Similarly, make sure the Power LED has got to light, press the facility On/Off button if it doesn’t.
  9. The Orbi satellite’s rings LED will pulse solid white, then turn white, then turn magenta.
  10. Ensure that it must pulse magenta for up to at least a minimum of minutes during the satellite’s sync process with the Orbilogin router.
  11. Once the Orbi satellite’s ring LED pulses magenta, it will indicate the status in several colors a minimum of seconds before turning off. Click here to find out.
  12. Join your computer or smartphone to the Orbilogin router or satellite with an Ethernet or WiFi connection.
  13. If you are connecting it with WiFi, you’ll require a network name (SSID) and password. you will find these credentials on the labels pasted on the Orbi devices. Download the Orbi app on your smartphone or visit to line up your Orbi WiFi network.
The Orbilogin router’s ring LED turns off after the lineup is complete.
LED indicators
  • Solid blue. The connection is sweet between the Orbilogin router and therefore the Orbi satellite.
  • Solid magenta. The Orbi satellite couldn’t reach out to the Orbi router. you would like to stay the Orbi satellite closer to the Orbi router.
  • Solid amber. they need a good connection. Adjust the Orbilogin Router and Orbi Satellite on the brink of one another.
Note: If the Orbi satellite’s ring LED continuously pulsing magenta and it’s been a minimum minute already that you simply have moved the Orbi satellite closer to the Orbilogin router.